Daystar Skylights

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Using a technologically designed parabolic dome for gathering natural light, the DayStar Daylighting System directs sunlight through an ultra reflective shaft to a specially developed lens for diffusing highly concentrated light into a full, broad lighting pattern.

DayStar Skylighting Systems

Daystar’s unique design amplifies and disperses light evenly regardless of building size, even on cloudy days.  That means these high-performance skylights can light up your home or business, matching the power of electric lights even on a cloudy day. The skylights also feature watertight seams, which prevents leaking.

With the DayStar Skylighting System, you can save on long-term energy costs, increase your overall property value and conserve precious resources – all without sacrificing light.

Available in 4×4, 2×4, and 2×2 sizes, this completely natural system is easy to use and can match nearly any roof pitch or roof type. The skylights can be built to your specifications and the DayStar service is quick and reliable.

High-performing. Affordable. And easy-to use. Daystar Skylight Systems are a brilliant solution to your lighting needs.

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